Second sketch.

Here is #2 in my series of "on the waterfront" sketches. It is also a 5 x 7 study and was very quick to do - I think the design went on the backing on Sunday night (just before bed) and I hooked the entire piece in less than three hours on Monday night. Once I get going in such a small area, I just want to see what the next "bit" will look like, and so I stay up much too late getting them done.

I love the palette and everything is from my stash of yarns and wool bits. Again, it proves that you can fool the eye into believing there is a lot of detail when, in fact, there isn't very much. I have a few more waterfront ones planned, but may interrupt this series and go into my cottage picture stash this weekend. I'd really love to do a "fuzzy sketch" for each of my kids as a Christmas present, so will look for the perfect photo to begin the process.


Very impressive and a lesson in what a focused amount of effort will produce!! Love them both!
I love these small rugs!! Imagine them featured together! An inspiration for those of us who like to get a project finished quickly. Can't wait to see what you do next.
April DeConick said…
Wendy, I really like these sketch rugs you are doing. I look forward to seeing the progression! I'm a fan of impressionism too.
moosecraft said…
These sketches are amazing!! I'm sitting here saying "How'd she do that??!?!" LOL! Your kids will love them!
Tony Latham said…
Hi Wendie!!!

I am hypnotically drawn to your on the waterfront series....
I am also a huge impressionist fan and really love your interpretation of the girls on the beach.
I like the idea of the small sketches. I was also inspired by the exercise Jen shared from Deanne's and Doris's workshop.
I can't wait to see what comes next in your series...
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