A series of sketches.

As I am somewhat in between projects (that's only if you don't count all the UFO's - and Max up north), I have decided to do a few "sketches". This first one was completed in two short hooking sessions - probably a total of 4 hours from putting the design on backing to finishing. REMEMBER, it's only 5" x 7". (Sorry the image is a tad fuzzy, but my real camera isn't downloading properly so I used my phone camera.)

Since I am a huge fan of impressionism, I wanted to create a few "sketches" that would require minimal detail, but still capture the light and convey the impression (exactly what it's all about). I was inspired by this partly by one of the exercises that the lucky folks at Deanne's Impressionism workshop did, and partly by a little website of impressionist painters that I visit regularly for inspiration. They do 3.5 x 5 sketches that are amazing!! Check out this blog. This artist, one of my favourites, blogs and sketches daily. I know paint is faster, but the approach is the same.

When I used to paint, I always did small sketches before deciding whether or not to do a larger painting.
And I realized that there is absolutely no reason why this shouldn't work for hooking too. And I would say, based on my first one, that I think it will.

The first series I am going to do is all about water - since the theme for the 2010 Annual is "On the Waterfront". With all my cottage images, I have more than enough visual memories to create a series of these little practice pieces. And they would be wonderful as a collage - just the way they are.

I also figure that as a gift for friends and family, the sketches would be perfect! I can create something very personal that doesn't take a ton of time, and it will just be a little piece of textured artwork that should fit just about anywhere.

Plus it will be incredible practice for me to improve my impressionist skills.


Kim said…
Wow, its beautiful. I always think I can't do details in a small space but you have definitely proven me wrong.

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