Monday, April 13, 2009

Triple Whip Whipped

Yikes, I think this shot is a little closer than I thought when I snapped the picture. But here is the last cord whipped! And the double strand means I made good time in the final round.

As you can see, the double strand plus the rolling in of the backing really made a size difference between the inside cord whipping and the outside cord whipping, even though the cording itself is exactly the same size.

Am I completely finished yet? No. When I whipped the third time, the yarn going into the holes separated the yarn in the second whipping in quite a few spots, so I have to go around the middle one to touch up the little show throughs. Lesson learned, always use a double strand, especially on cording that large.

I also need to do a BIG press on this piece. This is the first time that I wish I had a cleaner nearby who could do it on an industrial iron. I know a few fellow hookers who have found folks who will do that for them. But I'm not about to trust this rug to anyone whom I haven't tested first. So, it'll be wet towels on the floor for me tonite. And I will post a picture of the finished product once I have everything lying nice and flat.

I did find a video on YouTube that demonstrated what Bea Grant said about keeping your finger in the yarn until you are ready to place it. I hope this is the link to the video. I ended up discovering it when I watched one of Deanne Fitzpatrick's videos. It's really quite amazing what you find in there once you start clicking on the videos.

At the end of all this whipping, am I happy I made the decision to go around this big piece three times? Indeed. I really think it gives the effect of a bevelled frame, which is exactly what this piece needed.

You can see for yourself later in the week.

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