Monday, April 27, 2009

Crossing the Border

I am about 85% finished my Deanne Fitzpatrick mat "The Artful Hooker" and am very happy with how it is turning out.

However, I experienced a definite Aha! moment with the border above the lower mat.In the rug pattern, a hooker is working on a mat, so there is the border for the upper mat (where the lettering sits) and a second border under the lettering that defines the lower mat.

I had already hooked a big portion of that border, using the colours from the upper part of the mat. My suspicions were that it was a little strong and I was already contemplating pulling some of the brighter colours.

But, because I had changed the lower design from Deanne's houses to my cottage (another way to personalize the rug) once the cottage and trees were in with a more natural palette, the border was totally overpowering.

I knew I needed to find a transitional border that was quieter, but would still connect the upper and lower designs. And eureka! It didn't take long. Instead of bringing the upper part down to meet the lower part, I came up with a design solution that let them meet in the middle.

I brought the colours from above in simple horizontal lines that hugged the border. Then I created a "log" design which brought the cottage up into the border.

So now I have a border that connects two different places with something special for each. And no passport required.

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