Friday, February 13, 2009

Narcissism is all about me!

ha ha ha.

I just started a new project, the fabulous pattern I bought from Deanne Fitzpatrick when I attended the symposium in the fall. This is a picture of the very early stages.

As you can see, I changed the hooker in the design to be me. I decided I really didn't want to hook an image of another hooker, and this was how I was going to personalize it. But as I began hooking myself - although in a completely different style from the others - I realized that this is the 5th time I have hooked myself.

Girls' Weekend
Trent Friendship Rug
Negative Space Study
Totem 40
and the new rug "Stay Inspired"

And I started thinking that is really quite narcissistic of me.

There is an argument to be made in my defence. I really enjoy hooking people - I guess that's kind of my "thing". And, although I have hooked many people other than myself, I do seem to keep turning up in my rugs.

Mind you, in most of the pieces where I have hooked myself, I am not alone. And in the Negative Space study, I am barely recognizeable as myself. In fact, someone thought I was Connie Stevens. Hmmm...not quite sure how I feel about that.

And then there's the rug that Deanne hooked of me - does that make 6?

At any rate, I have rationalized this "N" tendency by concluding that if our rugs are meant to be reflections of memories - or things that are important to us, chances are we are part of that, right? So, it does make sense, I think.

In my list of rugs "to do", I have many more that have me in them, from a childhood family portrait when I was 4 to a recent "siblings" picture at my niece's wedding. But just so that you don't think I've completely disappeared into myself, there are lots of other concepts on the list that don't have me.

So, I promise to do a non-me rug next. (But I will be posting progress on the newest me in the next little while, so be warned.)


Lisa said...

Those are fabulous - so much more interesting than a simple photograph!
What a great way to save memories :)

Lynne Lee said...

Wendie--perhaps there is a different way to view this....your rugs are much like a history of you and not a lot different from a photograph album. Your rugs provide a history of you through the years--with family and friends and doing the things you love to do best. What a way to provide your family with a sense of who you are and what is really important in this world...enjoy and hook what pleases!! Lynne

Val said...

Thanks for continuing to inspire....I am just in the early beginnings of color planning the "Stay inspired" pattern also and have been at a bit of a standstill not quite sure which direction I wanted to go. THANKS for inspiring me to get more creative! :) Val

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