The Good, The Bad and The Adorable.

Knitting and sewing continue to dominate my life.

The knitting is going well. Another sweater off the needles and perhaps my favourite in a long while.
I think it's the combination of the pattern and the yarn - simply the most comfy thing ever knit.  It is called "Relax" and I got the pattern from here.

 It is a lot of simple stockinette stitch - small needles, but moves quickly. I am about to do a second one for my son's girlfriend.

Some adorable projects are also off the needles. These are the gifts that are going to my very good friend's daughter who is expecting her second girl. These are all from the Monster Nursery Book I featured in my last post.

From left to right - a little monster, monster booties, and a monster hat. All sitting on a receiving blanket that still needs to be hemmed.  These little knits make you smile the whole way through, from cast on to cast off. And I think they will create the same effect at the other end.

There will be a "Big Sister" monster to share soon. Just one leg to go and then stuffing and putting on a face.

I also finished one sewing pattern that I will use as a cover up while south. It was from this book. In fact, it is the dress on the cover.

Here is my version, which is in a great batik fabric.

Mine ended up being sleeveless because the sleeves were TEENSY. Since everything else about the dress is perfect, I am not sure what happened. But it is probably better sleeveless anyway, or so I will convince myself.

Today's project is also not going swimmingly. This is the pattern - and the fabric. Doesn't look that hard, does it?

But it seems that the logic sphere of my brain is not as developed as the dreamy, creative side. I just can't seem to look at the pictures and figure out how to move the straps out of the way while assembling the bodice. So, even though I was sure I was doing what was in the step-by-step instructions,  I have been doing a lot of "ripping" and "growling".

Sort of feels like assembling Ikea furniture. You have to do it wrong to figure out how to do it right.
Trust me, it's much easier to "undo" hooking boo boo's than sewing ones.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, it will sort itself out - or be re-invented as another version of the pattern.


Love it all ~ your dresses are so cute! Where are you going this year!!

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