Monday, November 4, 2013

The Big Sister Monster

The knitting projects continue to roll off the needles.

This week, I finished the Monster for the Big Sister "Abby" in Montreal who is expecting her little sister in late January. All those little things last post are for the new babe, but I believe that every older sibling deserves something special when the new arrival comes along.

So meet "Vinnessa" - the girl version of Vinny V in Rebecca Danger's "Knit a Monster Nursery" book.

She is considerably larger than the first little monster, but even more fun to knit. I think she will be perfect for a 2-year old to haul around or just sleep with. She is very soft and snuggly and I love her little feet and hands, which have been attached and then reinforced well, so as not to be tugged off.

Here she is with her little sister monster. I see a bit of a family resemblance, don't you. Something in the eyes maybe????

I believe there will be a few more monsters off the needles before all these babies arrive - and afterwards as well. In the meantime, there is a quilt on the cutting board for Grayson, my niece's first - also expected in late January. It is a simple project, in flannel, so it will be cuddly and warm for a January boy.

So the hooking famine continues - at least for a bit longer.

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