Thursday, September 27, 2012

How can it be Thursday?

It's been a crazy week with company for the first two days and then an unscheduled trip yesterday. And now it is Thursday. Rather than waiting till next Monday, I decided that I have a few things to share.

My Noro sweater is all knit and I am sharing a picture of it before the second sleeve was done. As I was sewing up the seam of the first sleeve, I remembered some jersey fabric in my stash that I was pretty sure had a bunch of the same colours in it. I figured it would look fantastic, or just be overkill.
But when I draped the fabric inside the sweater, voila. Amazing how they do go together - and what are the chances that I would have bought that fabric months and months before choosing the yarn for the sweater.

Now that the other sleeve is finished, I will get busy making something out of the fabric. Some kind of top that will be fun to wear with the sweater. It won't be as long as the draped fabric, so perhaps a little easier on the eyes.

On the hooking front, as I gear up for the next set of workshops, I have been doing a few little mats from photos. And since I want to be able to demonstrate a number of topics that the students are choosing, I did this little landscape. It is only 5 x 6.5", so truly a little sketch. It has yet to be cleaned up and pressed and I can see a little part on the right side that needs to be adjusted. But it's fun to see what detail you can get into something this small with a #6 cut. I think I captured that sparkle on the lake that I love so much.

I saw on April De Connick's blog that she is doing little sketches as well and turning them into  hooked books. What a great idea. Go for a little visit and you will see how great her images are. Plus she is generous enough to share all her tips for creating the books.

I want to do few more before the next workshop. I must confess to finding them a bit addictive. And they are so quick and easy to do, you don't mind parting with them one little bit.

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