Monday, September 17, 2012

School is Definitely Back

Well my September brain is back in and seems to be working. Quite a change from the lazy days of August and July and June and ......

My students are back in the studio - yippee. Only three of my six were able to make the first class, but just as well since there was a brand new project to be planned and a big "do over" for another student whose pattern was NOT on grid. She drew it herself and used a ruler and measured everything, but did not grid with a pencil line first. Such a great lesson to share with those who made it to class. That won't be happening again!!!

My first workshop took place on the weekend. Despite the incredibly LONG drive to get there in the pouring rain, and staying in my sister's empty house (while she was at the cottage), the workshop was a complete success!!

There were 10 in attendance. The topic was Colour. And the attendees were quite a group, many of whom have been hooking since the 1960's and 70's. I left like a rookie beside many of them. But my new perspective on Colour was greatly appreciated and everyone was engaged throughout the day. Even those who chose not to do the "hands on" part of the program.

I was asked to present some of my work at the beginning of the day, based on the question "What excites you in the fiber art world?" Well, since the answer was EVERYTHING, I had quite a few things to share.

Here is a picture of the group (minus one who had to leave early).

The facility was the Burlington Arts Centre and these lucky women have this huge room dedicated to rug hooking. They share with the Quilters, but most of the cupboards and supplies there are related to hooking, including a huge supply cupboard/store and a washer and dryer and all the equipment you could wish for for their dyeing days. Wow!!

The room was light and bright. The entire centre was filled with light and it had full-time studios for potters and glass blowers and weavers and painters. I didn't get to check out the gift shop before heading back home, but will do that next time.

The lesson was about using an image you love as a starting point for a colour plan.  Here is a very interesting image that someone brought and the colours they pulled from it.

A few people started moving their colours around on 1" grids.

Others just jumped directly into their projects.

And several others simply pulled their colours from the wonderful selection brought by vendor Ruth Emerson to the workshop. They will start their projects in their own time. It was a nice, relaxed day and I really enjoyed meeting this enthusiastic group.

It is wonderful to be back in the loop - no pun intended - and I am looking forward to a busy fall, filled with lots of hooking and knitting and all things cozy.

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