Friday, October 5, 2012


It's a great word isn't it. Always appreciated. Maybe not said often enough.

I decided to make a pillow for my daughter and her beau, who are co-hosting Thanksgiving in Toronto for the very first time. This is how they are dealing with the age-old dilemma of "who gets us for the holidays". By inviting both families, they don't have to go anywhere. They just have to entertain 15 relatives.

So, although my hubby thought a 'thanks' pillow was a bit odd, I disagree. I think it is a real conversation starter. When people visit them and ask "what's the thanks for", they can say things like "thanks for coming" "thanks for being my friend" "thanks for sitting there" and so on and so on.

I am giving it to them to say Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for having us. And I know it will be a hit, since they have already requested to of Jenn Manuell's Amazing Matrix pillows for Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends. And should you choose to, you USA blog pals still have lots of time to make your own "thanks" pillows.

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Orange Sink said...

Hi Wendie,
I like the idea of a Thanks pillow! Would be a fun conversation starter! Bravo for the kids entertaining all the relies!
Have a nice Thanksgiving! I started hooking a turkey today! he he!! Will be here before you know it!!
Cathy G

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