Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Background Finished.

And I must confess, it was one of the most entertaining backgrounds I have ever hooked. I guess changing colours with each strip kept it interesting. I couldn't wait to see what the different sections of negative space would look like. Nothing boring about it!

A little chippie sneaked into the upper left hand corner yesterday morning. It was looking empty and I realized that I had forsaken him for those fish - so I was happy he arrived. And then I took my hooking outside and finished all the rest of it. It was a glorious Labour Day, with a perfect breeze and I got to see and hear all the goings on, while sitting there in hooking heaven.

I went back to my Magdalena book to plan my finish, and it seems that a simple whip is all that she did - if that. So I will trim and roll and whip as time permits in the next while.

Today, my September brain is being re-inserted. You know the one you use for organizing work, teaching, traveling and all the things that you haven't used for most of the summer. I think incoming company, grocery lists and LCBO requirements use a totally different part. I sure hope the kick start works, because my Inbox filled all weekend - I guess everyone is feeling the same. Time to get back to "life".

Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend. Here's to a smooth re-entry for all of us into the real world.


Orange Sink said...

I'm glad you included the close-up photo of the background showing some of the great wools you used!
I love the textures used together! What a fun rug..... and I'm glad chippy got in there!
I'm hoping your re-entry into Sept. is happy and productive! It's a beautiful time of year!!
Cathy G

Orange Sink said...

Hi Wendie,
I couldn't find an email button on your blog so I'm answering your question here. I'd be honored if you use my photos for your class! Thanks for asking!!
The colors of August are slowly drying up and the colors of Sept. are unfolding!!
Cathy G

Kim said...

That background is beautiful. I bet it was fun to work on.

Tony Latham - totally-hooked.blogspot.com said...

I really really like it!
You have made it your own.
The little chippy is a great addition.
The colors in the figures work so well together.
The background is yummy!
Did I say I like it!!!
Happy return to "life".
Tony :)

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