Progressing Quickly

Somehow it is Thursday, so I guess the same can be said about the week, since I usually post on Monday. And since we are on the cusp of September, the same can be said of summer. My delay in posting was due to a bit of computer difficulty, which I hope I have now corrected.

All the motifs are finished and the background is filling in nicely. This has been a fun project and I highly recommend the Magdalena Folk Art style to everyone. At least as part of your mat mix. This may be my first Magdalena, but it will definitely not be my last. Thanks to all the wonderful comments from people who are following along.

I took the rug with me this week to a 2.5 hour car service and struck up a conversation with the only other person there. Of course she was a former rug hooker. Of course she loves Newfoundland. And of course she spends part of every winter in Barbados!!! This 3 degrees of separation is becoming very spooky.

Here is a picture of how far along I am.  If we get the rain that is predicted for part of the long weekend, I may hit the finish line soon.

The picture below is one that was sent by Lori, one of the two gals who came to the class who had never pulled a loop before. How brave was that! They just hopped in to the designing part and then spent the last hour of the workshop day pulling their first loops.  I love her design!!! And, based on how far along she is, she is a keen and rabid hooker.

Since she lives in Parry Sound (another coincidence!) she is going to be joining my little group of students in the fall.

Speaking of September, I really have to do something about getting my brain off "summer mode" and back into reality. I guess you never outgrow that "back to school" feeling. 


Orange Sink said…
So much loving the Magdalena style you are working on! Don't you wish the fun rugs didn't go so quickly?!
I'm trying to get the brain in Autumn mode here too... the days have been too hot though!
Cathy G
Love the way your rug is coming together! And your student's rug is looking swell! Must be her good teacher M
The M just popped up ~ maybe instead of te exclamation that I love to use!

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