The Speightstown Chickens Cross the Road

Today, we took the bus to Speightstown, which is about 20 minutes from Holetown where we are staying.
It's an old town with lots of amazing buildings on very narrow streets. There was a real bustle to the town and adding to that bustle were these stalwart chicks with their mom.  It was startling to even see them there, but even more so to watch them cross a busy street - the cars all stopped for them.

Not something you witness every day....

unless, perhaps, you live in Speightstown.

We wandered around and visited an amazing art gallery called Gallery of Caribbean Art. There was an incredible variety of artists on display, who originated from various countries around the world, but all made their art in a Caribbean country.

I fell in love with Vishni Gopwani, who moved to the island when she was 17.  She lives in the country and many of my favourite paintings were her studies of field workers.

This is a thumbnail from the website, and there was one very similar on display in the gallery. All her paintings are very impressionistic, painted on a bright yellow/orange ground, which continues around the canvas onto the sides. 

The colours in the art, the clothing, the houses, the buildings are all bright and happy. It truly is a magical place and the more I see of it, the more I fall in love. 


Marti said…
When I was in Kauai this summer, chickens had the run of the place. It was so funny for a city girl (now)to see them crossing roads, walking the beach, just making themselves at home. Love the painting that you showed. Have more fun.
Vishni Gopwani said…
Hi Wendie

My nname is Vishni Gopwani. I came across your blog by googling my name . Thank you very much for your kind remarks.

By the way i enjoyed your articles about barbados. You have a flare for writing.

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