Having a Two-terful Time

I think that is one up from wonderful, right?

And I blame my lapse in posting on all the eating, drinking, swimming in the sea and exploring the island. It seems that every little place we try for lunch or dinner is even better than the last. And there is always another one that someone is talking about that we have to try.

Lunches are the best bet, since you can walk most everywhere and even the smallest places are open. Today, we hiked 3 km to a little pub/restaurant on the beach called Ramshackle and it was soooo charming.  Very rustic and colourful and the food was great!

 The interior was filled with all kinds of interesting driftwood and shell mobiles and an entire wall in the entry way was devoted to them. Very quirky and quaint.

We liked it there so much for lunch, we are going back on Monday night for the "Curry and Quiz" night, which is chicken curry and trivial pursuit.  The bus system here is pretty amazing and they kept trying to pick us up as we made our way there and back. We will hop on on Monday night. The ride is only $2 Bajan - or $1 Canadian!!!!


Marti said…
Sounds like a wonderful place.

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