Monday, December 12, 2011

All Through the Night Santas

On Friday, a group of us made Santas from this pattern. You can find the pattern here, along with a bunch of other great folk art applique patterns. I purchased it when we were in Vermont. This one, called Seven Santas, is on the 3rd page.

We did the stuffed ones on the lower right, but the runner is very cute and may be on the "list" for next year. I forgot to take a picture of them all together, but did get one picture of my friend Kathy's and my first one. And then I took a picture of my two "New Brunswick tartan" Santas together. They will be gifts, so I have a few more cut out and ready to go for me.

They do end up turning out completely different, even though the steps are all the same. And each one has such great character. It would also be fun to combine the applique with a hooked background in a runner. Food for thought....

The other big accomplishments this week are for our office party on Friday night in Toronto. It's a "Whacky Tacky" theme for gaudy festive wear, and since we couldn't find anything, I made us each a sweater. Plain red sweatshirts/hoodies with lots of stuff sewn on. I can just take the basting out after the holidays and we have wearable, red tops.

My hoodie looks quite lovely until you realize that the trim is a plastic 9' garland that goes all the way  around and those snowflakes are reflective. There's a huge one in the centre back. Rick's is quite hilarious and has a Santa door knob hanger on the back, complete with bells. I'm sure we won't be the tackiest, which is a scary thought, but it was fun to design and baste them.

Oh, the things we do at this time of year!!!


Orange Sink said...

I've seen that pattern for the Santas too and thought it would be fun! Wow! Yours turned out great! I LOVE the tartan santas!
You and hubby will look soooooo festive in your Christmas duds! I hope you take some photos at the party..... I want to see the tackiest!
Have loads of fun!!
Cathy G

Orange Sink said...

Hi Wendie,
I couldn't reply through my email as it was a noreply thingy....... but yes I did make the reindeer pin! Even sold a few during the craft sale! Thanks for all the sweet words on my blog today!
Cathy G

ArtyMarti said...

I collect Santas. Yours is great. I can't imagine anyone being more tacky than y'all. What fun!

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