Monday, December 19, 2011

A Snowless and Loopless Christmas

I can't believe that we have absolutely NO SNOW! I know there are still a few days left, but the long-range forecast is not looking very white. How strange it all seems.

I also can't believe that I have not hooked a single gift this year. That is a definite first!

Knit - check.  (three pairs of socks, three hats, a cowl and a scarf - and two dogs!)
Stitch and sew - check.  (5 Santas and a couple of ornaments)

In fact, I am stuffing the remaining 2 Santas as I write this. And this morning, I quickly adapted the pattern to a little ornament for my brother in NB.  I made it light enough to fit inside his card and he will be wending his way east today.

But no hooked ornaments, or decorations of any kind. First time since I started hooking, I think.

This morning as the stark realization hit, I sketched out a few possible mats for next year. I've had one particular design dancing through my head (with the sugar plums LOL) for a few years, and it is finally sketched out at least.

The good news is that the new challenges that presented themselves were on a new learning curve and with those behind me, I will probably start the new year with hook in hand. And perhaps by next Christmas, there will be a few new hooked treasures to share.

And - who knows - there are still 6 days left, right?????


Orange Sink said...

Plenty of time to whip out a new creation!! Love the santa ornament!
Merrie Christmas Wendie!
Cathy G

ArtyMarti said...

Hooking on sabatical. That's a good thing. It recharges your creativity. The Santa ornament is cute. Have a merry Christmas.

Snowgirl said...

Hi Wendie, I found your blog through Lisa's. (R&L's Homespun Life). She is a sweet gal.

I love your blog. :) The Santa ornament is cute.
I love your pics in posts before this one. The ones out on the deck in the snow. Lovely

I have signed up to follow you. :) If you'd like to stop by my new blog here is the link. :)
I only started it at the end of October and I have met many nice people. It is great. I love it . I will also be including pictures of my crafts. And I should have a business blog up and running in the next month or so. :)

Take care, Janet W.

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