Monday, April 4, 2011

Y-urning for Spring

Since my hooking this week was finishing the 'challenge' piece, which has been pushed back to April 15th, I had to find something else to post about. So why not the weather.

After a beautiful sunny week, and a beautiful Saturday, we decided to pick up sticks around the property and for me to "un urn" from Christmas.

Personally, I think there is nothing sadder than an empty urn, so I decided to put something in mine. Over the years, I have collected quite a few artificial things that I use between events - or even to add to my real stuff.

So, yes, I may be pushing the season a little, but Easter is coming soon and the snow is going - as you can tell from the tiny pile behind the urn (we won't talk about what's on the other side of the wall).

But it makes me feel good and I know that soon there will be real daffodils - I saw their little heads peeking up in the garden.

That, and the sound of robins, means we won't be waiting much longer.


Orange Sink said...

Love the Spring flowers in your urn! I still have pine boughs in my window box and planter by the front entrance!
I'll take your word for it.... Spring around the corner!
Cathy G

Linda said...

Love your snow patch...wishing you warm weather soon

Christine said...

Hi Wendie
Thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. I was thrilled! I've added you to my list of friends and would be delighted if you did too.


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