Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Grammy

Well, the Grandma's Trunk challenge members uploaded their goodies on Friday and they are wonderful!
Very creative. Very heartfelt. And very different, which I think is the most amazing thing about a challenge. Give someone a topic and see what they will come up with.

Here is a link to the Album on Rug Hooking Daily, so you can see them all.

As promised, here is mine.

and here is the story that goes with it.
Thank you Grammy

When the initial challenge came out for Grandma’s Trunk, I didn’t give it too much thought. After all, I hardly knew my Grandmother and only saw her 3 or 4 times in my lifetime. She lived on the other side of the country.

However, a day after receiving the email to participate, I was hit with a memory of my Grandmother that was so strong, I had to go with it – and the challenge.

When I was about 10 or 11 I decided, for whatever reason, to ask my Grammy to knit me a Mary Maxim sweater with horses on it. I was horse crazy, an avid Pony Clubber and those sweaters were all the rage. I think my mom was too busy,  so when I asked about Grammy, she encouraged me to send the letter.

Anyway, the sweater arrived. It was gorgeous. A beautiful rust wool with brown horses and beige and orange diamonds on it – remember how they all had diamonds at the top and bottom? The orange was very distinct because it was like “cheese whiz” – very orange. Instead of a zipper, Grammy had sewn on round wooden buttons.

The first day that I wore it to Pony Club, my horse was cross-tied in the stable for some unknown reason (vet or blacksmith I suppose). When I went to pat his head, he nuzzled the buttons and the next thing I knew, I was about 6 inches off the ground. He lifted me up by the buttons.

Everyone howled with laughter. But the sweater was the envy of all the girls.

So this is my rug to commemorate that memory. It really isn’t something that was inside Grandma’s trunk, but it sure released a memory from the trunk in my brain devoted to my Grandma. 

This was definitely a fun project and I will undoubtedly participate in more in the future.


Tony Latham - said...

What a lovely memory!
The piece is awesome. The sweater is VERY special still!
Your horse is wonderfully depicted as well. It shows that you continue to love them!

Christine said...

What a fabulous piece! The horse is amazing--I love the variety of textures you used. And I remember those sweaters very well.


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