Zipper is Ready to Go

Well, here it is, all finished.

I think the colours are very rich and delicious, which is what happens when so many textures come into play in the colour areas. Kudos again to Jennifer for such a great concept.

I'm sure Daniela will be thrilled with this gift and hopefully she will soon be in her home and able to start rebuilding the wonderful eclectic feel she had before. I can't imagine how awful it would be to lose a lifetime of art and memories, but watching her go through this process gives me a greater appreciation than I had before. The insurance company and her contractor should be shot. They are examples of how awful the post trauma can be.

There may have to be a companion pillow at some point, but pre-Christmas is not a good time.
Maybe I can convince her to learn to hook and start making her own.


Jen Manuell said…
I love it! Especially the asymmetrical colour plan -- especially love the one strip of turquoise. Good job! ;-)
Katrina said…
It looks wonderful! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift ~ well done.
thanks Katrina - sometimes I wonder who appreciates these gifts more - the people who truly understand the work that goes into them and could do it themselves - or the ones who love them and could never do it themselves. Hmmmm. continued pondering.
Wendie it is really lovely.
The colors work so well together. It is the perfect compliment to the oriental rug.
What a thoughtful gift. It is beautiful and I'm sure it will be much loved.

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