A Brilliant Bra Workshop

Saturday was a special day for me. It was my first "hook in" in the new studio space. Six wonderful women of the north made the trek here to work on the Bra Project. And we had a blast.

Here are the wonderful women

Don't you just love a busy table full of hookers?

And here are the "bras in progress".

Mary is hooking the lower part of a bustier and then will needle felt the bra cups to match - very ambitious!

Jenn is hooking right into the lace of this beautiful undergarment. And adding bling as she goes.

Barb is making strawberry sundaes - with actual cherry steams in the cherries - remember that the darts need to be worked into the design, which is why they do look like pac men.

Wanda is doing luminous butterflies which she calls "Lovely Ladies" and they definitely are.

Karen is making "brioche" with a wonderful warm colour swatch. She also had an amazing article on the first bra and how it was constructed - very interesting!!

And other Barb is doing plaid kitties - I forget what the title is for her bra, but when they are done, I will post again with the correct titles, which are part of the fun.

And last but not least is my penny-rug-style bra, which I think I will call "Show me the Monet", since the background behind the pennies reminds me of Monet.

The day went by far too quickly, partly because we kept stopping to eat the incredible food that everyone brought. Baked goods for coffee, amazing chilli for lunch and then delicious, fattening desserts for dessert. We didn't even get to the apples and cheese that were brought as well.

I hope that I can have many more groups come and hook for the day. It is a bit of a trek for some, but so worth the drive. And up north, everything is "an hour away" anyway.

Thanks gals for making it such a great day - for such a great cause.


Jen Manuell said…
Everything you said was true (fun times, yummy treats, nice ladies.....). Thank YOU for hosting such a great day. ;-)

My bra is still in the basket...but I will hopefully pull it out and finish it soon...
Looks like fun.
How great that the Bra Project clothesline is reaching into your part of the world!
What a wonderful way to warm up your studio. Lots of creativity, sharing and good times - what else could you ask for?

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