Striking While the Urn is Hot

I have never dressed my Christmas urns in balmy temps like I did today. Usually, it's cold enough that you need gloves and a repeated run inside to thaw the fingers.

But this is our first Christmas here in Parry Sound, so we decided to get a jump on things while the weather was so wonderful. We put lights across the entire lake side of the house, on top of the railing. What a nice view that will be from the living room once the snow flies - and now that it's dark by 5.

On the driveway side, I would like to put up some lights too, but first things first. The urns. They did have artificial fall leaves in them, which looked incredibly bright once the real colour was off the trees. I thought they would attract the hunters who are out and about in those bright orange jackets and hats.

It's so nice to not have to pay for the things that go into the urns, like you do in the city. All free donations from Mother Nature found on our property or on our walks. I  can always add some "sparkle" later if I decide that I need it.

Here's a closer peek at one.

And a close up of my little metal moosies too.

As much as I'm not anxious for the snow to arrive, all these seasonal things are more beautiful once it does.

And since yesterday's big errand was for the putting on of snow tires, I am ready! (well, as ready as you ever are for that inevitable first dump).


Kim said…
I saved time. I didn't get around to taking my snow tires off this spring - so I'm ahead of the game! LOL
Orange Sink said…
The natural things look the best and most beautiful for decorations in winter! I think your urns are gorgeous and the snow will add the sparkle!
Cathy g
Love the urn arrangements!! And the pillow!!

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