Doors and Trim Stained at Last

Well, in light of the bleak forecast and the mild temps, I decided yesterday was the perfect day to finally stain the trim in the studio - not all of it, but the two window frames and doors and frames.

Amazing how when we plan these projects, we don't allow for the prep time (it's like the finishing in a sweater project or rug). And it does take a while to do properly. But I did tape everything and then I put on a coat of "stinky" stain. Luckily I was able to open the windows a crack, but the smell really permeated the entire place.

Also, I found out after the fact that taping horizontal tongue-and-groove doesn't really stop much spreading - the stain just follows the grooves. Oh well, such is life.

Here is the before and after so you can see how much richer it all looks.

Staining really is rewarding as you do it, cuz you can't wait to see what the next board will look like.

One small problem with my staining. I was really hoping it would convince me that I am right to leave the walls unstained. But I think it did the opposite!!!   And that will be an enormous job!.

But it's also a job that will require wide-open windows and doors, so it will have to wait until late next spring.

And I guess that gives me lots of time to ponder.


Jen Manuell said…
Wow! It looks great -- can't wait to see it myself in just a few short weeks.... ;-)
What a lovely difference in the before an after. I understand the desire to do your walls as well. The stain really brings out the beauty in the wood - rich warm honey tones.

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