A non-hooking post.

It's been another busy week, filled with too much work and not enough hooking. But now there is something else that is competing for spare time. Curling.

Yep, that's right. Since it seems to be a pre-requisite for living in Northern Ontario, it seemed inevitable that Rick and I would give it a whirl. And it also seems to be the only way to meet people around here, so that was another added bonus.

Last week was practice days without any organized games. That's when I learned that there are muscles dedicated ONLY to curling. Ones that are never used for any other activity!!! Who knew. (Well, I guess I should have suspected since there aren't too many other occasions where you contort your body like this.)  And who knew that those muscles could ache for 4 full days!!

By Tuesday of this week, the apple-sized bruises on my knees were that lovely purple/mustard combination and I could actually walk downstairs without hurting. So, I thought I had it all under control. My first "ice kiss" (as I call my face plants) was more than enough to have me opt for a wonderful invention called the curling stick.

What a difference!!! Doesn't this look so much easier than the position the little plastic woman is in up above??? Not only does this puppy help you aim the rock (since you are no longer distracted by falling down as you release the rock), but it means no more squatting and sliding around the ice - and no more "ice kissing". Who would opt for torture in stead of this???? Not me.

We played a full game on Tuesday and another today. And we are not the only rookies out there. Turns out it really IS the way to meet people - and we have met quite a few friendlies already. The skips are tirelessly patient and we will eventually get the hang of this.

The sliding and sweeping still provide a pretty good workout, so a few of those new muscles will still torment me for the weeks and months to come. I'm not completely off the hook.


Kim said…
I remember those aches and you are absolutely right - you discover muscles you never knew you have! It is great fun and exercise.
When you make your first (intentional) take-out shot, it feels sooooo good.
Orange Sink said…
Hi Wendie,
Thanks for the sweet words on my blog! It's a good thing they have those sticks to keep from falling over! I don't understand curling but understand that those who do are very passionate about it! Hope you do well and meet lots of new friends!
Cathy G

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