Monday, October 19, 2009

Wendie and the midnight veggies.

Well, not quite midnight. But I did stay up a bit late to finish the last pepper, beet and potato and their backgrounds. I was so close, I just couldn't resist staying up till the last loop of grey background was pulled. Don't we all back ourselves into those corners once in a while.

I am amazed that I actually finished all the hooking (except for finishing the black line around the outside), since I had a deadline of the end of October in my head for this rug, which I wasn't sure I'd make. I have a lot of other stuff on my plate - including a weekend OHCG school this coming weekend - and the prep work has been biting into my evenings. However, give this gal a deadline and I will usually come through!

This is the largest project I have done in all yarn, and I hope it meets the challenge of being easy to clean, since it is going in front of the sink at the cottage. It's nice to be able to strike this off the UFO list. Such a feeling of accomplishment when that happens.

Ironically, I will be having a mini lesson in punch needle this weekend and will probably find out that I could have done this rug in a fraction of the time had I punched it. That's o.k., I'll be doing a companion piece for the door to the porch, so will have an opportunity to practice on it.

Not sure it will be veggies (midnight or otherwise), but I will use the same colours to tie everything together.


Kim said...

Great rug. Makes me want to have a salad. I'd be interested to hear about your punch needle experience. This is new to me. Maybe you can teach us??

Deanne said...

wendy, I just got my sweater out so am thinking of you. I still feel great in it and am complemented everytime I wear it.It is lovely.

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