It's all about the food.

Another Thanksgiving come and gone - at least for us here in Canada.

While everyone else was heading out of town, we actually stayed put this weekend. Rick's mom came on Saturday morning to spend the weekend. And his sister joined the kids, Rick, myself and Gram on Sunday for the feast. It never ceases to amaze me how much time and effort goes into the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner and in a matter of hours (or less if you happen to eat at the speed of the Davises) it's all over - except the leftovers.

Our bird was delicious and I tried a new Gingerbread Pear Cobbler recipe that I found in the paper last week. Many thanks to Bonnie Stern - it was delicious. And there is still some left for dessert tonite, along with a little apple and pumpkin pie. The turkey is pretty much gone thanks to a shepherd's pie last nite, and a goodie bag for lunch today.

Even when I wasn't preparing food this weekend, I was hooking it. My veggie rug is progressing nicely. I did my first sliced tomato yesterday and so now one of every type of veggie in the border has been hooked. The rest will just be pulling loops - 10 veggies left to go.

I was hoping to have this mat finished by the end of the month, but too many things have gotten in the way. With a new course of teaching just begun, there were beginner kits to put together and 8 mini kits for this week's class. Since Elaine is in Nova Scotia with Deanne Fitzpatrick (or wending her way as we speak) I will be on my own with the 8 students on Thursday, so I decided to do a "fun" lesson and let them play with yarns and suede and t-shirts and felted sweaters and polar fleece and panty hose and whatever else I come up with before class.

I could get used to have an extra day every weekend. I would put it to good use every week, I'm sure. But I wouldn't want to see that much food every time. In fact, I think I'm good till Christmas. The only veggies I want to see till then are the hooked kind.


Julie said…
I had a good laugh about your comment..hours of preparation for twenty minutes of lip smaking at our house!!

Well, that's over for now and Christmas feasts to think of...but glad you got some hooking done.

Looking good!!

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