A Very Classy Class.

Once again, I seem to have lucked into an amazing group of women in my OHCG class. I knew a few of them this time, which is always nice, but none had been in a class of mine before. But as soon as we were together Thursday night, I could tell it was going to be a great group. And I was right!! The sharing of information between the more seasoned hookers and the novices, and the conversations going on between those who had just met demonstrated the great combination in the room.

Since there were many students who brought multiple projects, the volume of work at Show and Tell on Sunday was amazing!  Many of them worked Thursday night and Friday on one project and then switched on Saturday to the other project they had brought. Others just needed a little advice on their secondary projects.

The joy of an Open class is the variety. Each project presents a teaching opportunity to share with the rest of the group. Those are the things that a teacher can't anticipate before getting there. And, as usual, I learned as much from them as they did from me!!

So, in the room we had:

3 dog portraits
3 Deanne Fitzpatrick patterns
1 Penny rug
1 Giant geometric colour study
2 Orientals
2 Nutcrackers
1 Wisteria runner with birds (no picture)
1 Leaf rug with an amazing cat
1 Very colourful Hen Party

As promised, here are the pics to show how amazing the works-in-progress were:

I'm sorry that I don't have a picture of the other Oriental. Not sure why it wasn't in the show on Sunday.

As you can see, these students all did their teacher proud! Thanks to all of them for making my weekend so special.


Love the dogs and the sky in the Deanne Fitzpatrick patterns! Looks like you get to hang out with some pretty creative women!!
Gayle said…
That penny rug is great! I love how she mixed the applique with the hooked background. Lots of talent in that group!
kathi pinkston said…
Do you mind telling me whose pattern Hen Party is. Thanks!
Those dogs are wonderful - and the last one (the Lab?) is my favourite. Wish I could have been there, too.....
ShabbySheep said…
Thanks for the great rug show! My favs are the dogs!
Thanks everyone for your comments. It's fun to see that I'm not the only one who thinks these ladies are pretty darn talented!

Kathi, I'm getting the details on Hen Party for you.


Hope you are checking back, cuz I now have an answer on Hen Part. It's actually Hen Party 2 - since the original didn't have hats. And it's a Rittermere Hurst Field pattern. See their link in my blog list.


kathi pinkston said…
Dear Wendie,

Thank you for finding the designer for Hen Party II.

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