Monday, October 20, 2008

More than one post required.

I had extremely high expecations of my trip to Deanne Fitzpatrick's Creativity Symposium. I am thrilled to say that it exceeded every one of them. It is wonderful when you can say that, since often the dream can surpass the reality.

Rather than trying to cram everything into one long rambling post, I have decided to post several times this week, by topic. Today's post is a bit about the joy of the overall experience. But so many areas need their own space. The people. The places. The activities. Even the food has to have its own post. I think it's the only way to do justice to the impact of it all.

Every minute of the day was filled with new experiences, new situations, new relationships and a new and expanded appreciation of how wonderful creativity can be. No matter where people came from, no matter what their point of reference, we all shared a journey that was, in fact, as spiritual as it was creative.

Underlying it all was a feeling of familiarity and comfort that I can't explain easily. I'm sure it was partly the warmth of the hooking and fibre arts community. And I think it was a bit about returning to my Maritime roots. But it was bigger than the sum of the parts.

It truly was inspirational.

The picture in my post today is Deanne's rug that hung in the church basement where the symposium took place. It was always in view from where I was sitting. And it was amazing how many times it was a point of reference during the two days.

Tomorrow, I will talk more about the individual people who made this so special, but for today I need to say that everyone from the Toronto people who included me in their travel plans to the near-stranger who drove me back from Amherst to the Moncton airport, made my experience so much richer.

More to come.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Wendie ~ At last! I have been waiting for you to post regarding your experience and just know that it was wonderful. I will anxiously await each detail and I know it will reinforce for me that I need to go there! Thanks ~

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