Another great blog.

Today when I checked my blog, I had a couple of comments from new visitors.

Every time someone leaves a comment on a post, I click on their names and make another connection to a person who shares my passion for this wonderful craft. The first person was from here in Ontario, and in fact comes from my husband's home town of Peterborough.

The second comment led me to "A Day in the Life", a wonderfully chatty blog written by a woman named Alice who has a great love for hooking and folk art. I think I will become a regular visitor to her blog.

Like many of us, she is still working, so doesn't get to hook as much as she would like, either. But take a quick trip to her blog (see new link in favourites) and you will meet an adorable cat named Mr. Kitty, see lots of projects in progress plus stories about her latest Day in the Life adventures. Some hooking. Some "other".

Visiting there today reminded me of what I was thinking last night as I read my Green Mountain Guild newsletter. I have an uncanny sense of familiarity about many of these woman I have never met. Certainly because the Green Mountain gals are always present in Rug Hooking Magazine and since their boundless energy is a constant source of inspiration, I am drawn to them, but I feel like I truly know them all. It's a little strange, I'm sure. I think Alice is another one with whom, if our paths ever cross, I would happily share a coffee or glass of wine and stories - as if we had known each other all our lives.

Is it possible that there are this many kindred spirits in the rug hooking world? I think it is. Indeed I do. I guess this is, in fact, what these communities are all about.


Wendie ~ Imagine my surprise to be reading your blog and see my name mentioned!! How funny! I have been reading your blog before I was a blogger!! And I have made purses from felted sweaters!! And my parents were both Canadian! And I agree, I think we have much in common! Thanks for visiting my and mentioning my blog! The next time I add blogs, yours is actually on my list to add! Hope you have a great time with Deanne ~ Alice
Hi Alice - We bloggers are a friendly bunch and it's so great to be able to send people on to one another.
Re Deanne, I am as excited as a kid before summer camp. My hooking is organized - a pair of socks on my needles and I am ready to roll.
I'm sure I will be a rewarded as I am excited, and will tell all when I get home again.


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