Monday, October 27, 2008

Another wonderful blog.

As any blogger will tell you, one of the most gratifying parts to blogging is getting comments from visitors. It's fun to see where they are coming from, how they found you and whether or not they have a blog you can visit and share.

A recent visitor here is a hooker, knitter and mom of small boys. Her blog is warm and wonderful and in fact our lives have been criss-crossing for some time - at least our virtual ones.

Her blog is Her blogging name is thewoolfairy and I definitely remember seeing her goodies on Etsy - earlier post. Turns out she also is one of the yarn suppliers for Deanne and although I thought I may have seen her handiwork in the lustpile of wool there, it is just on its way to the studio now.

Her life is where mine was when my kids were kids - many moons ago. She is eking out time to hook - or time to herself in general - when she can. But you can see from the pictures on her blog that her boys are adorable, active and filling her days with many adventures.

So many of us ended up finding more time to pursue our passions in the fibre world once the chasing days were over. I know that any dedicated time in my earlier endeavours was stolen while they were sleeping. I remember how great it was when they started sleeping in on Saturday mornings and I could get 2 or 3 hours in if I got up early enough.

Now I still do that, but the person sleeping in is my better half. I treasure those hours of peace and quiet to gather my thoughts and plan or putter.

Jennifer's post yesterday - see link to Fish Eye Rugs - is about exactly that kind time, but for her it was that Sunday we all love to have from time to time. Actually, if you read all her posts about her east coast adventure, they are filled with amazing stories and photos that will make you want to hop on the train and go. (Jen - you need to teach me how to do a text link - haven't figured that out yet.)

Anyway, go and discover Seaside Farms and thewoolfairy. Then swing by Jen's and catch up there. It's the perfect day - rainy and grey - to go on a little excursion.



The Wool Fairy said...

Great post! Thanks so much for the kinds words (:

Wendie Scott Davis said...

My pleasure. It really is fun to share. I am sure to be a regular visitor at your blog from now on.

Terry and Jackie said...

Sounds like you had the time of your life in Nova Scotia!! I'm jealous!! hahaha
I would love to attend one of Deanne's workshops...maybe one day when things simmer down around here I will make time for it.
I've had a nice visit here on your your purse project!!
Jackie at The Red Door

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Jackie,

Visited your blog and loved everything there. Couldn't figure out how to leave a comment though. Ended up linking to another site under the left hand features of the tray, etc. Will really have to try to visit next summer on a road trip. In the meantime, will stop by here. And will connect others to you in my links.

Thanks for the nice comment.


Terry and Jackie said...

Thanks for dropping by The Red Door!
You can leave us a comment after any post...just the same way you do here on your blog.
Just scroll down past the permanent pics to find my daily posts! I will have a pic of my latest small mat up there soon...just have to bind it up first.
If you get a chance to come over our way drop me a line first...we host informal hook-ins throughout the summer...we'd love to have you.

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