Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eating my way around Amherst.

These are the chicken pot pies that were served for our Thursday lunch. And the picture of them all lined up was just too perfect to resist. So were the pies!

I was expecting a quick sprint to Tim’s for a sandwich for lunch during the symposium. So you can imagine my delight at being served the above-noted pot pies on Thursday and incredibly delicious quiche on Wednesday. And the hand-made Sushi appetizers on Thursday were just another of the culinary surprises.

The infamous Sanford Oat Cakes (recipe for which is on Deanne’s website - scroll down the recipes page) lived up to the legend and became part of my morning ritual. I have never tasted anything that buttery, crispy and wonderful before.

Home baking abounded, from the Welcome Reception on Wednesday night to the Hook In on Saturday. I know that ‘hookers are bakers too’, but the amount of delicious cookies, squares, muffins and loaves was mind-boggling. And there was always coffee, tea, hot cranberry cider or some other aroma wafting through the air. That combination of chocolate and coffee smells is bound to add to the thighs just by inhaling.

Every morsel of food that went into my mouth while I was there was lovingly prepared by someone. What a change that is from my normal, rushed weekday fare. Delicious, unpretentious food was the order of the trip (once I was off the plane, that is).

My first and last meals were at Duncan’s Pub. The atmosphere there was cozier than most pubs, and the fare was wonderful. I treated myself to the fish and chips on Wednesday night and chowder on Saturday afternoon. Both dishes brought back childhood memories.

When I booked the dinner at Bella’s CafĂ© in Toronto and saw the $20 price, I wondered what you could possibly feed a crowd for that amount. Well, they didn’t just feed, they stuffed. We were treated to delicious appetizers when we first arrived. The main course was absolutely delicious, coated chicken - huge portions - that none of us could finish. Cobbler ended the meal and we practically rolled out of the restaurant clutching our bellies.

Friday night’s supper was pizza at Joey’s in Sackville. I think it was the best pizza I’ve had in a very long time. And definitely worth the drive.

Which means I actually ate my way around Amherst and more….

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