Happy New Mat

Well, here is the little checkered mat in its new home. Happy to be sitting on Rick's side of the bed to warm his feet in the morning.

It was under the tree on Christmas morning, although not fully whipped. The rest of the whipping was done at the cottage, but it was finished and in place for the second morning there. Once again a deadline that was a tad unrealistic, was mostly met just the same.

Turns out that my husband thought that the "secret project" I was working on before Christmas was a sweater he had admired in a knitting magazine. I don't think the rug was a disappointment, just not the sweater he was expecting. So, for his birthday this Saturday, January 5, I have started to knit that sweater. Even I'm not crazy enough to believe that I could knit the sweater in less than a week, but I will have one piece finished and in a box with an IOU for the rest.

The sweater will have to share my evenings with the Oriental rug that I started last year. My daughter has decided she would love to have this rug as her very special 25th birthday gift (not unaided I might add). I think it's good to have a deadline for it, as I was starting and finishing umpteen projects around it and avoiding getting down to the task of completing it. It was becoming another UFO. Now that it has a definite timeline, it stands a much better chance of not only being finished, but being cherished for years to come.

As to the little mat at the side of the bed, it turned out so well that I think I will have to hook a companion one day for my side. In the meantime, one of my finished mats that will do very nicely, thank you very much.

So happy new mat and Happy New Year to any and all who are reading my blog. May we all enjoy a wonderful 2008 filled with health and happiness.

I look forward to many posts this year, sharing projects and deadlines and whatever else tickles my fancy.


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