Check out the progress.

Eight days and counting. And as you can see, the rug still has a few checks missing. So, I am on a different kind of three-squares-a-day. That leaves a couple of evenings for whipping. As usual, I will be cutting it close - but I guess that's part of the fun. Or at least it is for me.

I am very happy with how this rug has evolved. I realize that this simple two-colour checkerboard idea opens up a whole new way of looking at borders, etc. My mind is already racing ahead with endless possibilities like red and black combinations for a more interesting buffalo check border for my next cottage rug.

The little strawberry hat turned out well - I'm sure the little recipient will be happy. It was a very easy knit and is the softest Merino wool, which I'm hoping will be no-itch.

The gingerbread man ornament could probably have used a smaller crochet hook, since you can see a bit of the stuffing which, by the way, is white grocery bags. I got the idea from a knit ornament pattern, which I just might try to squeeze in too.

When I trimmed the tree yesterday, I realized that the last thing I need are more ornaments, so will hold to just one gingerbread man. If I do the knit ornament, it will be a gift.

The latest car socks probably won't both be done in time. I think one will be, so it will be put into the stocking with an IOU for the mate. I am using baby alpaca. It is the softest wool I have ever felt and the yarn is a bit thicker than other sock wool. I will be interested to see how it wears. I hope a lot better than the wool/acrylic mix I used in the first socks I knit. They had the most beautiful tops, so when the feet all wore out, I started knitting replacement feet out of pure wool. They were just too lovely to abandon.

I think I have made fewer gifts this year than I have in a long time. But time just wasn't on my side. As it is, I will be racing to the finish line. What would the season be without a little last-minute frenzy.

I won't even start to worry until there is only one day left.

Cuz the next day, I'll have 17 people for Christmas dinner - YIKES.


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