A whole new year unfolds.

January is a pretty exciting month. Each year, we get a fresh new calendar to fill with our lives. We receive a brand new year of challenges and opportunities. 365 days - give or take a few - to plan and look forward to. It’s amazing how quickly it all starts to fill in. Life has a way of interrupting your calendar, but in January, it all seems to be so neat and tidy lying ahead.

This year, the hooking part of my calendar is already off to a busy start. I have a beginner workshop that starts on the 23rd of January and goes for 4 weeks. I have my Upper Toronto Chapter Hook-In on February 2nd at Jubilee United Church. This is our third annual and they just keep getting better. (Leave me a comment if you would like details.)

I have several “jeanius bag” workshops booked and a few more waiting for dates to be confirmed. These two-or-three-day workshops will take me all over the province, which I think makes them all the more fun.

After making the mistake of not spending the weekend at the OHCG Annual last year, I will be spending the entire weekend in Midland this year - or at least commuting from the cottage. Trying to squeeze everything into one day was not nearly as much fun.

I am pencilling in the OHCG School for September, to either teach or take.
And, already booked since Christmas 2006, is my Creativity Seminar with Deanne Fitzpatrick, which I am very excited about.

Add to that all the projects for the year and it will be a busy hooking 2008.

So far, only one project is firmly on my calendar, since it needs to be finished by March 23rd for my daughter’s 25th. The fact that it is an Oriental means that nothing else can even be contemplated until after it is done. They will stay on the wish list and get moved onto the calendar once March has come and gone.

Putting things on the calendar is a bit of a preview of the year ahead. It’s also a reminder of just how quickly it will come and go.

Happy Calendaring to all of you.


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