Well, it wasn't a quick and easy decision, but I think it was the right one.

I pulled nearly all the old red out of my background, replacing it with the new, darker one. There were under-my-breath curses as I did so, since there is a definite finish date for this rug. However, there was also some solace in knowing that I wouldn't have been happy with it looking all stripey.

So, I am about three-quarters finished the background (she said optimistically), and when I am done all of it, I will make the next decision whether or not to go back and remove the last of the old red. Perhaps I will let it stew for a while and concentrate on the outer border.

And, to my chagrin, I have run out of the pale ochre that is outlining the centre medallion and is the line between the inside field and the border. Luckily, I have a lighter value from the same formula, so at least I have a starting pointt. I will probably just overdye it to make it a bit darker, since it is already abrashed.

Another adventure in the dye pot.

Stay tuned......


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