Saturday, October 14, 2017

Some Very Serious Bragging.

Let's begin with the safe arrival of Everleigh Rae Scott Saville. She came into this world on Sunday, October 1st at 1:15 a.m. And we got our first glimpse less than 10 hours later. Her big brother, although a little tentative in the hospital setting, was quickly bewitched, as you can see in this picture.

At the very first glimpse of her, I was amazed at how much she looks like her brother. And everyone seems to agree, including their mom. Here is a picture that she shared on FaceBook that pretty much seals the deal. I guess the recipe was perfect the first time lol.

After staying in Toronto to help over the first week, I brought big brother home for Thanksgiving weekend while mom and dad continued to adjust to the new addition. I sent them back their very own turkey on Thanksgiving Monday.

I headed back again this week for a few more days, following a minor procedure Everleigh had to correct a tongue tie. Hoping that this helps the breastfeeding move forward. Dad Kris had to work the rest of the week, so I went to offer whatever help was needed.  I drove back home this morning and it sure is quiet here!!

Within two weeks, Everleigh seems like she has been there forever, and is adored by all. The infatuation her brother has for her holds tight. He can't wait to have his turn to hold her and is thrilled when she comes to meet him at the end of a school day. That will be Laura's big challenge - to not be feeding EXACTLY when it's pick-up time.

Here's a cute shot of them yesterday. Jackson wanted to watch "Frozen", so moved his stool over by her swing. As her eyes begin to focus, it looks like she is watching right along with him.

The other bragging comes in the form of two projects finished by my students at rug camp in Newfoundland this summer. They arrived in my "inbox" within a day of each other, and I have permission to share them both.

Here is Bandit, one of two cats hooked in the class. His mat was a gift for his owner who is the sister of the creator. Needless to say, she was thrilled to receive him. Although the background was simplified, there is no taking away how well she captured his 'catitude'.

The next mat is masterfully hooked from a photo of Quidi Vidi Gut. I am really hoping to visit there on my next trip to Nfld.

There is no greater compliment a teacher can receive than a photo of a finished project. It means that student enjoyed your time together enough to finish. Plus, we get to brag about them later.

Looking forward to seeing all the rest of them in their time.

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