Monday, October 23, 2017

Double Up Pups

Another wonderful work by a Newfoundland student to share. And this one has quite a story.

When I was looking for photos from students for my photo to mat class, she was the last one to get photos to me because she was so busy going from workshop to adventure, all over the place. And when the photos arrived, this ambitious hooker sent two picture of two different Black Labs in her life - Brody and Boscoe - though I'm not sure which is which. 

So, I did the photo editing magic and sent her two colour plans, expecting she would choose one or the other. Oh no!! This dynamo decided to incorporate them both into a single mat. And a large mat to boot. Eager beaver falls short in describing this woman, who is a relatively new hooker, but takes on a challenge with a fierceness and dedication that is inspiring.

These are the photos we started with.

And this is the photo of the finished mat I received from her today.

Pretty incredible right? When we left school, she had both dogs pretty much done, and a little background in on the right hand photo. She also had a plan for the background and borders framing both images.

As you can see, the background on the left side pup was simplified, and made into an outdoor scene versus indoor, which I think makes the mat far more harmonious. And makes sense of the leaves in the inner border.

I think it is fantastic and will be a keeper for life that preserves these wonderful dogs. And what a learning curve for their creator, who had never hooked smaller than an 8-cut. She learned how to do smaller, lower loops when necessary, and go bigger when she can. Learning to combine different cuts in the same piece is a wonderful lesson.

Am I bragging? Only in that she is a very special person who I am proud to call my friend. I know she will be inspiring me and the hooking community for years to come.

Kudos to you, Margot.

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elaine allerton said...

Wow,,, amazing work,,,,
So great , margot,,,, its gorgeous, ,
Thanks for sharing this wendie,,,,

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