Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Gorgeous Pooch and Three New Hookers.

Another finished mat to share from my wonderful class in Newfoundland. Here is the first finished pooch - one of 6 of the featured in photos in the class. When I said the class was "going to the dogs", I meant it literally, not figuratively.

This mat combines wool strips and wool yarns in order to get the many colours of brown. The expression in his eyes is totally captured and I love how Linda changed the background from snow to something less cold. Nope - not a big fan of snow, even in a mat.

I will have a couple more to share in the next while, since two more students have said they are done and just need to take photos. How awesome is that!!

I am also thrilled to say that three new hookers have contacted me in the last six weeks, looking for a teacher to help them get started. I think that they are all 'keepers'.

Kim was well on her way on a small sunflower chair pad, but wasn't sure she was doing everything the right way. Well, she was doing just fine, but some tips and a little guidance and she was off and hooking. We are meeting on Monday to discuss finishing. And she is going to try a sit-upon gripper frame that I am sure she will order from John Boorman, a local frame maker here in Peterborough.

Jennifer had just fallen in love with hooked pieces and wanted to learn. She was a natural at loop pulling and before she left after our first session, we had decided on a design for the first in a series of chair pads for her cottage. A simple design with fish and some brightly coloured polar fleece and she is killing it. She stopped by this week to try John's frame and had two fish done already.

Jill, the newest, arrived last night, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. She brought a bag full of wool garments ready to be recycled. And a pretty big pillow pattern with a moose ready to go. Another one whose first loops were a breeze. With a few corrections to her pattern to get it on the straight of grain, she is ready to dive in.

How fun to have them find me and have each of them find out that "yes" - hooking IS for them. Hoping we can create a little group to meet on a regular basis, so they can get guidance from me and camaraderie from one another.

And before you know it, I'll be here bragging about them as well.

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