Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hook a Doodle Do!

In preparation for my upcoming 2016 class at Trent - Zen and the Art of Doodling - I have upped my game on not only "doodling", but hooking what I doodle. Certainly hooking and doodling are a match made in heaven and, since both are so relaxing, I should be in a full on state of bliss by the time my class comes around.

Here is my latest sample mat which, like all doodles, underwent a huge transformation when colour was added. In fact, seeing how the motifs translated, I know that I will be adjusting the background colour on the right side of the mat. It is too close to the colours in the motif and I need to find something else that bounces the colours a bit more - I will try to post the 'after'.

This mat was designed and hooked on the heels of my William Morris fox stocking project, one that required me to follow some rules and "colour inside the lines". So this was just a light and fun mat to hook.  And isn't that what doodling is all about - whether you follow the Zentangle discipline, or just go out there on your own?  I am pretty sure that this will be the tone of the class as well as the rest of the samples that I create in advance - fun, that is.

And getting back to my William Morris stocking for the favourite (only) grandson, I don't think I shared the finished version. Here it is - and I have to say that it is very, very large. What the heck do you put in a stocking of someone who is not yet two and doesn't yet understand the value of chocolate? Hmmmmmm......

Again, I salute Christine Little at Encompassing Designs for this great pattern. Have to remember to send her a copy of it hooked as well.

Here's to all the stockings that will be hung and stuffed in the next while. Hard to believe that we are just 9 days away.

Happy getting ready, everyone.

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