Friday, December 18, 2015

Bordering on Brilliant

That's the name of my class at Loyalist College next July. And it is inspired by the many incredibly brilliant borders I have seen on rugs done by friends, strangers and many talented people in the rug hooking community.

I received a pdf of the Rug Hooking School flyer from Loyalist college today. And this is the image that was used with the description of my class. I would love to say this was my creation, but it is NOT. And so far, I have been unable to locate the person whose it is, which is why there is not a credit with the image.

As I said at the top, I think this piece borders on brilliant!! It appears to break all the "rules" that one would normally follow when choosing a border, but in fact, it is the border that "makes" the piece unique and memorable. And is my favourite border reference piece - for many reasons.

If anyone knows who created this piece, would you kindly let me know - so that I can give the credit, and congratulations that are due.

In the meantime, I will use this piece as a teaching example and give credit as "artist unknown", which is what I should have done when I submitted it as an image with the class description.

As a person who truly respects copyright, I sincerely apologize for using an image without giving credit. I will continue to try to find the creator.


faryal naaz said...

It really gives me an insight on this topic.
pretzel of month club

Nancy Crapper said...

Wendie, Carol Feeney of Naples, FL does similar borders, although I do not believe this is a pattern of hers. Take a look at her website.
I am in Florida until beginning of April, but I would like to take this course at Loyalist. Can I register online? Nancy Crapper, Brighton ON

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Nancy,

Sorry so long in responding. And thanks for the link to Carol's site.

Took me a while to figure out where your message came from. I was just on the Loyalist site and they are asking people to check back in March. I am pretty sure you can register online. Here's a link for later.

I bet you are part of the big hook in next month. Everyone i know who goes to Florida raves about it. Have fun.


Moria said...

Hi Wendie,
March 2016 - I've just seen your post. The artist for this geometric piece is Shanna Orgovan. She's a relatively new hooker in Edmonton, Alberta, canada. Thanks for looking to credit her.

Wendie Scott Davis said...

thanks Moria. I am happy to know whose work this is and can credit her when I show it to my class. She is very good for a newbie.

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