Sunday, November 9, 2014

More Impressionism This Weekend

And this time, as a student. Every two years the OHCG Teachers Branch has a continuing education weekend, and this year, the topic was Impressionism.  The committee did an excellent job of presenting lots of information about the Impressionist Art movement and that of Post Impressionism - our Group of Seven and other favourite artists who are so great to interpret in fibre.

We arrived to find a packed agenda, very informative handout notes and a piece of backing set up to do a number of small 5" x 7" studies.  This image of a sailboat was one of the choices in our folder. It seemed to be the first piece most of the people jumped into.

The interpretations were as varied as the 20+ teachers in the room. Every palette imaginable. Every cut imaginable. This is mine.

For my second study, I chose a tiny (2.3" x 3.5") clipping of a wonderful painting of a nature scene. A pond with beautiful colours reflected in the water.  I got a bit started before I had to head back home.

Today, while it was still fresh in my mind, I finished the piece.  I am not sure it reads exactly as the painting, but I love the colours and enjoyed the freedom of doing my "impression" of an "impressionist" painting.

Now I will have to try all the wonderful finishing techniques we were shown to make the most of these little "masterpieces".

Thank you committee for a great weekend. Good company. Good topic - in fact, one of my favourites. And unbridled hooking for a couple of days.

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