Friday, November 14, 2014

A Different Take on Photo to Mat

When I was first corresponding with my Edmonton students about my classes, one of them contacted me to say that instead of rug hooking in the class, she wanted to interpret her photo using a combination of applique and embroidery. She has hooked before, but this type of needlework is her true passion.

Not only did she interpret it once, she did it three times. Each one a little different from the other and all results outstanding. Yesterday, she emailed me two of the finished pieces.

First, here is the photo that she chose (after being edited in befunky)

And here are the results of her efforts. You need to know that these are only about 5 x 7 (maybe 6 x 9) - so the work was incredibly tiny and details are amazing.

The first piece is actually painted first and then embellished with some paper applique and then beautiful hand and machine embroidery.

This version is appliqued fabric pieces that have been embellished with hand and machine embroidery.

 It was a treat for me to be introduced to this kind of needlework in the classroom. For show and tell one day, she brought along a framed piece and an album she is creating to feature all these masterpieces.

I think that everyone was as fascinated as I was to see her at her table working away on the different versions.

Thanks so much for sharing Armande.

It is a beautiful image too, which someday one of us should hook as well.

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