Monday, November 24, 2014

How I spent Snowvember

Since my last post, it has been a winter wonderland here on Salmon Lake. Yes, even I an avowed snow hater had to admit it looked beautiful - for the first few days. But after starting each day shovelling 6-8 inches of snow from around the cars so that Rick could use "Lurch" (our a-bit-too-mighty snowblower) to do the driveway, the gild was quickly off the lily.

Then last week, we made the Global newscast - right up there with Buffalo for the amount of snow received. We were pretty much locked inside, and my internet went down for weather-related power outages, so my days took on a different rhythm. Lots of knitting and bad movies!! Ok for a week, but my tolerance was waning.

Anyway, I did get a few projects done, so not a waste of time, for sure. A couple of pairs of socks knit in worsted weight. Man, are they faster than sock yarn!! I had forgotten. One pair for my son-in-law's birthday gift and a second pair for my hubby - just because he loves them. Simple pattern, quick to do, and a great way to use up a bunch of yarn I bought for a long-ago-abandoned sweater coat project.

Another zig zag baby blanket used up a few balls in my baby stash of yarn. Since most of the babies lately have been boys, it was the perfect chance to use the soft greens and pinks that are in this. Each time I make this blanket, it seems small to me. But, I think it is a good swaddling blanket and will be a good stroller/carriage blanket and then later - much later - a doll's blanket.

I also worked on this little hooked piece, for which I had no pattern - not a single thought of what would go where - just a big basket of worms that got placed wherever whim took me. What a freeing thing it is to hook with absolutely no idea where you are headed.

The black and white beading lines sort of dictated a little bit of direction for the worms beside them, but other than that - total free fall!! I think this will become a little bag of some sort. I will just fold it in the centre, whip the sides and add a zipper. I really like the other one I did, and am sure it will come in handy for someone for something. 

Since I am planning on doing some hooking in Barbados this winter, I think I will cut a big bag of worms from non-wool fibre -  pantyhose, ribbon and t-shirt material and take that with me to do the same "free fall" hooking while I am there.

Today internet is resolved, most of the snow has melted so this week will be different again. Mind you, the forecast for tomorrow is snow again. Poor Mother Nature has had a bad month too. Let's hope December is a bit kinder to everyone.


Gayle said...

Glad you survived all the snow - I just love your freeform hooked piece - it's so whimsical!

Kim said...

You were very productive during your snow days! I can't imagine what it was like for those poor people in Buffalo. They interviewed an older couple on the news who were literally trapped in their house for 5 days until someone dug them out. The old fella looked positively giddy when he was finally outside!

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