Monday, September 9, 2013

Falling Back into September

Somehow it is now September 9th and I feel like we really didn't get much of a summer. But with the arrival of September (besides the overwhelming urge to buy a new pencil case) it is a time for changing wardrobe, changing food, changing activities and getting back to the old routine.

In keeping with that, I got back to some hooking on the weekend. Well, actually more "proddy-ing" on the border of my "Hook What You Love" mat - still another side to go before I share. But it was the first time I had pulled anything in a long time. I also corrected a word section that had an unhappy background and it was worth the effort.

Here's a before and after comparison. The before was barely legible, but the after is easy to read. The dark parts in the hounds-tooth check in the before were making the type look blurry. But the simple texture in the "after" has solved the problem. I may still re-hook the lettering, but it's a big improvement already.

In addition to the hooking, I did some little knitting too. Little things are so fast and rewarding, like a short story versus a big novel. I have to keep telling myself not to make too many of these "tiny" treasures, since they are outgrown so quickly. But with the quilt as the "long-term" creation, these accessories are just plain fun.

Here is a baby version of the Fish Hat that I knit for my son last fall. Pretty darn cute, huh? Made with leftover sock yarn. And what is that sitting behind it?

That'd be baby booties that are positively adorable. Here is a closer view of them. I just love how they aren't perfect mates. One foot has stripes of purple and orange, while the other is mostly the plain apple green.

Supposedly, these ones actually stay on. I will believe that when I see it.  But they take next to no yarn and are a great little project for all those leftover bits. I see a few more hats and booties in my future. Since there are 3 little people expected - all within a month of one another - a niece/nephew and a second child for a near-daughter, I will have lots of little feet and heads to cover.

Since another part of fall means new TV show episodes versus re-runs, easy knitting projects are just perfect for September.

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