Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Nutty Little Knitting Project

I am heading to Jennifer's jewellery workshop this week and wanted to do something a little special for my wonderful hostess for a Monday night sleepover. The operative word here is "little". In fact, this makes all the little Jackson knitting I have been doing lately look like big projects.

So, what is this even little-r project? Knitted acorns. Pretty darned cute, aren't they.

They are a free pattern on ravelry which links here. Actually, it is absolutely incredible how many "acorn-themed" patterns are on ravelry. You could go a little nuts knitting all kinds of acorn-y things for the fall.

My first attempt was on sock yarn, which was just a little too tiny for four needles, so these ones are done on scraps of worsted weight. But the pattern can be done in any weight and seriously takes about 20 minutes once you figure out the pattern.

I think there will be a few more done - without stems  - for my Thanksgiving table. And I am sure I can find a pattern for oak leaves too. Hmmmmmm.

1 comment:

Tony Latham - said...

Seriously cute!
Hope you have fun with Jen and jewelry :)

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