Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monkey Business

I can't believe that tomorrow we will have been here two weeks already. Where does the time go?

Our days are full and long, beginning with a 7:00 morning walk through the neighbourhoods of Sunset Crest. Along one street, on several mornings, we have spotted many green monkeys. There is a large family of between 20 - 30 who seem to roam around here and are spotted by walkers in different places.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to take one morning this week. They are very quick, so you have to be poised and ready or they are already across the street. I am so happy, because in the previous two years, we only saw one rather tattered looking lone male. It's nice to see this large group. 

This little fellow was the crossing guard, who makes sure the coast is clear.

Once they get the "all clear" they run across two by two.

And this little mite is the rear guard who ensures that everyone is safely across.

A different morning, a wonderful vantage point. This fellow was quite large. 
After the morning walks, the rest of the days are filled with beach walks, sea swims, pool dips, reading, chatting and knitting.

The Barbados count on hexipuffs is now up to 14. So, combined with the ones at home, I am just over 50. Over four gazillion left to go.

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