Friday, March 15, 2013

Warning: Paradise May Make You Lazy

(Just realized that this post was sitting in my drafts and I never posted it. Oops.)

Wow! Can't believe that we are now into our last week - and my last post was in our second week. What happened to those 3 weeks in between? Well a whole lot of not too much, which is exactly why we like it here. 

The days have a rhythm unto themselves. Full days spent gazing at, walking beside, swimming in and sailing on the sea.

This is our most popular "bobbing" spot. See those tiny little dots in the light blue part? Those are the folks with whom we "bob". Sort of like swimming, but without going anywhere.

A couple of days we have gone sailing on our favourite trimaran sailboat, Sin-Bad. Those days are pretty much like the other days, except aboard. So there is more swimming - this time with masks and snorkels and sea turtles and coral reefs. Incredible what you get to see.

There is endless rum punch served, and an amazing traditional Bajan buffet lunch, prepared by our captain.

Flying fish prepared on board, plantain, chicken, sweet potatoes, rice and peas, and macaroni pie.

This day of sailing involved the "Fredericton 10" - our group of friends who have over 40 years of connections. First time we have all been here together. And a wonderful sailing day with just the 10 of us.

Then there was the Valentine's Day feast at The Mews.

followed by some 'rose karaoke' by our all gal band - we rocked!

We watched the parade at the Holetown Festival, which is a week-long party.

Then our kids arrived for the fastest week ever! They learned the 'art of lazy' very quickly.

We went to the full moon festival at Ramshackle, a favourite beach bar.

We had lots of fun taking the "yellow bus" everywhere.
We could do an entire album of bus stop shots.

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Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Aha! Someone else who knows how to have fun!!! Looked like a great time!!

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