More Fun with Magdalena

Despite a rather guest-heavy past week, I have managed to eke out bits of hooking time here and there and am making good progress.

Here is a shot of how much I have gotten done as of yesterday. All the motifs are outlined and only two left to hook. Can't wait to do that crazy-upside down beaver.

 But I was curious about how my background selection would work, so I took a break from motifs and did a bit of it to see. I think I like it. I will add a few of her famous arcs of colour into two of the corners once I get the other critters done.

 For those of you who are knitters, this kind of hooking reminds me of knitting with Noro yarn. You just keep going because you want to see what the next strand looks like. It is quite addictive.

Yesterday afternoon was too cool to swim or be in the water, so I sat on the upper deck and hooked for a few hours. It was perfect!!

More incoming company today - the ma-in-law who is an early riser - so I think I will lose my usual time when everyone else was sleeping. Oh well, I feel like I'm well on my way, and look forward to getting back to it.


newburyarts said…
*****very charming and quite unique! the animals are great and so far your background is looking good! magdalena would be proud of your rug!!!
Anita Tabbytite said…
The more Magdalena style rugs I see, the more I want to try my hand at hooking one for myself. I should at least own the book. Your rug is lovely.
Anita Tabbytite said…
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I can't tell you how much I enjoyed teaching the class and having all those smiling faces and itchy fingers to get hooking by the end of the day! You all inspired me and working on my large rug as we speak! DeEtta

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