Monday, June 6, 2011

Powassan Hook-in on Saturday.

Who goes to a hook in and not take any pictures of show and tell? I even had my camera in my bag.

I did take a few pictures of frames with my iphone, because my friend Susan's husband is making prototypes of frames and she was keen to show him this easy one.

A couple of the hookers from Deep River had these, which were made by one of the husbands.

A mitred rectangular head is wrapped in fabric into which the work is pinned. A bolt is put into the sides of the frame.

The bolt slips into a groove in a side panel which raises it off the table or your lap.
The sides are attached to a base with piano hinges. Since this one was just for "the wife" he used leftover boards for the base.

She offered to send me a pattern for this simple frame, which would be great. I'm always on the hunt for an inexpensive option for beginner hookers who struggle with a hoop.

Handy husbands seem to be the drivers of innovation in rug hooking equipment. I, unfortunately, did not have "handy" on my list of qualities when choosing. And as a result, I have become the handy one.
Oh well, he has lots of other fine qualities and I am certainly not complaining.

BTW, Jennifer Manuell does have pictures from the hook-in, so please go and visit her blog.

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debra said...

Ha! My husband is not handy either, but he is funny. He makes me laugh every day! Like you I've become the handy one in the house. But he keeps me amused while I am working. :-)

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