One Moose 4 Ways.

I am off to Trent School of Rug Hooking on Saturday. I will be teaching Wide Cut hooking to the Teacher Trainees for two days. They will also be taught Shading for two days and Teaching Theory for two days. Three teachers - a lot of information - all in one week!!!

When I took my course, it was spread throughout the year - we went to different instructors' homes and had the months between to finish the projects. Now it's all the teaching up front and the year to finish.
The good news is that they get to spend a week with one of the large rug hooking schools and meet a lot of other hookers, which is a huge "community" for them. And it is LOTS of fun as well as hard work.

As one of my visual aids - and I think it's a great one - I have hooked "one moose 4 ways" all in wide cut. I think it's an incredible demonstration of the different styles. See for yourselves:

This is the Primitive version.

This one is done with alternative fibers. Click in for a closer look.

She is my "impressionist" moose.
She is my "realistic" moose, or as realistic as you can get in an 8 cut.
They are all drawn from the same pattern - I used a photo and blew it up to get the the outline of the cow and the birch trees and a bit of an indication of the foliage. And I hooked them in the order they are here.

Not only will they be a good teaching tool - for all wide cut classes - but I learned an awful lot by hooking the same pattern the 4 ways.

I am tempted to leave them in a row as they are right now, but know that they will be more useful finished individually. And I'll also have the pleasure of displaying them in any order I like - the Andy Warhol of moose LOL.


debra said…
Wow--you have prepared an EXCELLENT lesson. I don't think I could pick a favorite--I love them all. So many ways to create and so much fun exploring them all!
These are fantastic Wendie!a great learning tool . .HAve fun at TRENT!!!THANK YOU for posting . . .and I am glad you liked the QUEEN mat!Read the story to it in todays posting!
TamboinMO said…
This is just GREAT! Great for peeps who want to be teachers, but even better for someone who is just starting to rug hook...that way they can see that the sky is the limit with any pattern!
April DeConick said…
What a great idea. Love your renditions. Great instructional tool!

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