Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Busy Hooking Time Ahead.

Well, early tomorrow morning, I am heading to Peterborough for a 4-day hooking and teaching extravaganza.

When I arrive tomorrow, my friend Jane is hosting her hooking group at her home for the afternoon - hopefully on a sunny deck. Then off to a friend's art show tomorrow night.

Then Saturday, a short jaunt to Trent School of Rug Hooking where I am teaching the Wide Cut section of the Teacher Trainee program for the OHCG. I can't believe how much stuff I have to take - no less than if I were teaching for the whole week, that's for sure!!!

I decided to be smart and put all my books and teaching materials in a large suitcase instead of the many boxes and baskets I have used in the past. It is a brilliant idea, until you have to move it up the stairs. Yikes - no lifting at all, just rolling up one step at a time. I think the technical term is "bumping up the stairs".

While I'm there, I'm doing a Show Case for a week-long class for next year. It's about hooking mats from photographs and how to use your computer at each stage of design, enlarge, colour plan and checking progress.

Here's a little mat that I finished to take. I felt I needed one more sample to go with what I already had.

Here's the picture I used.

And here's the little mat

Not sure why the photo looks so dark here -  a scan of a print, I guess.  I have a few others to show as well - all small "sketches" that I have done over the last year - mostly for gifts. I don't think any of them are larger than 12 x 16. A good project to do in a week, I think.

By the time I am ready to post again, I should have lots of "show and tell", which is something we all love.

Till then, enjoy the great weather. Somehow this image seems very suitable.


Deanne said...

very beautiful, gentle looking

Smallbones said...

Hi Wendy! I'm a friend of Ruth Dyer's & she was telling me about you a few days ago. I recently completed my first rug & I'm now making a few hot mats to sell. Great to see your beautiful place.

Katrina said...

Love the feet in the canoe!!! It is just wonderful - well done!

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